Monday, November 23, 2009

Catcher in the Rye Chapters 11-12

Chapter 11

1. Does Holden think that Stradlater seduced Jane Gallagher?

No, he doesn't think that Stradlater seduced Jane, he was pretty sure about it.

2. What sports does Jane Gallagher enjoy playing?

She enjoys playing tennis and golf.

3. How did Jane Gallagher and Holden get to be friends?

Jane was living next to Holden's house. One day when Jane was laying next to the pool, Holden came to her and said hello to her and they became friends.

4. What kind of books did Jane Gallagher like to read?

She liked reading poetry.

5. Is Jane Gallagher pretty?

Holden thinks that Jane is pretty, but his mother doesn't think she is pretty.

6. What was it that made Jane Gallagher cry when she and Holden were playing checkers?

When they were playing checkers, Jane's stepfather came and asked Jane if she knew where the cigarettes were. Jane didn't answer him though. After he left, Holden asked what was the matter and then she started to cry. But, it doesn't mention, why she actually cried, in the book.

7. How important was necking in Holden’s relationship with Jane Gallagher?

It wasn't important that much. Holden actually liked to hold hands with her, so did Jane.

8. How does Holden know about Ernie’s in Greenwich Village?

Ernie's is a night club, and his brother, D.B., used to go quiet frequently.

9. Who is Ernie?

Ernie is a big fat colored guy who plays piano in the night club.

10. What does Holden find especially irritating about Ernie?

Holden thinks he is a terrific snob and he won't hardly talk to you unless you are a big shot or a celebrity.

Chapter 12

1. What is the main theme of the first paragraph?

The main theme of the paragraph is loneliness. He says it was so lonesome outside even it was Saturday night.

2. How does Holden describe Horwitz’s personality?

Holden thinks he is not a bad guy but he thinks he is touchy and sound angry when he speaks.

3. What does Holden discuss with Horwitz?

They discussed about the ducks in the Central Park, and where would they go when the lake was frozen.

4. How does Holden characterize the patrons at Ernie’s?

Holden says that they were prep school and college jerks.

5. What is it that Holden objects to about the crowd at Ernie’s?

It was pretty quiet at Ernie's because Ernie was playing the piano, and the crowd always clapped whether he played good or bad.

6. Why does Holden feel sorry for Ernie?

Because Holden thinks that Ernie didn't even know whether he played right or not, and it was because of the crowd that always applauded to him whether he played right or not.

7. Describe the conversations going on at tables next to Holden.

At one table, a guy was giving her girlfriend every single play in the whole football game. At the other table, a guy was telling his girlfriend about a guy committing suicide in his dorm, and at the same time he was giving her a feel under the table.

8. Who is Lillian Simmons?

She is a girl that Holden's brother, D.B., used to go on a date with her.

9. From Lillian Simmons’ point of view, what is most impressive about D.B.?

She thinks it was the most impressive that D.B. was a writer in Hollywood.

10. How does Holden feel about such social amenities as saying to someone, “Glad to have met you?”

He doesn't like saying those stuff when he doesn't mean them, but he thinks that to be able to stay alive he had to say those expressions.

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